I am highly passionate about teaching and really care about the overall growth of my students.

Each year, the department of Economics at University of Houston awards graduate students for exceptional teaching as a course instructor for undergraduate courses.
I have been awarded the Best Graduate Teaching Award 2022 for exceptional teaching.

Please scroll down to see a list of my formal teaching experiences.

Teaching Experience

  Assistant Professor at
  Berea College

Instructor at
    University of Houston

Teaching Assistant at University of Houston

Teaching Fellow at James P. Grant School of Public Health

Anonymous quotes from students:

○ Microeconomic Principles, Fall 2019

N =96, In-person, Teaching effectiveness=3.22 (Dept. mean=3.99)

- ”Yes! Professor Biju was probably one of my favorite professors at UH. She cares. Shes concise.

Shes efficient. Shes communicative. Definitely would recommend.”

- ”very passionate about what shes teaching and offers help when asked

- ”Went through all the slides in timely fashion and made sure to answer any questions if students

had them. Aslo, she would stop and make sure everyone got the notes they needed and if they

hadn’t, she would make sure to go back for them”

- ”The class gave me a good foundation and understanding of basic economic principles.”

- ”Yes, she was amazing. She had great knowledge on the subject.

- ”I think one of the main strengths of the course was the fact that Professor Biju was always in

communications with us and respected us. She was quick to return emails containing questions or

concerns. I absolutely wish i could take her again.”

- ”Professor was really prepared and she genuinely cared about the success of the students. She

teaches in a simplified manner for everyone to understand the concepts of Econ.”

- ”Good amount of inclass examples and discussion of techniques to find answers.”

- ”very interactive and engaging”

- ”Yes. Professor Biju was a delight to have as an instructor and the rigor of the course was very


- ”Professor Biju did a good job setting class expectations and assignments from the very beginning.

She set all our exam dates way in advance. She would also update any changes to the course and

notify us in class and through electronic methods which was nice.”

- ”Yes because she is respectful, understanding and thorough”

- ”She was a wonderful instructor and needs no improvement.”

- ”Yes, I would recommend this instructor because she was very patient with students and always

attempted to best explain anything that anyone did not understand.”

- ”Yes, because the professor is excellent at teaching.”

- ”It was a very interesting course to take and I hope the instructor continues teaching.”

- ”It was a pleasure taking this class”

○ Microeconomic Principles, Summer 2021

N=39, Online, Teaching effectiveness=4.10 (Dept. mean=4.22)

- ” Everything was on time. I loved how organized the class was and how much she helped us out

being her first online class.”

- ” The strengths of this class was the fact that our professor reassured us not to be afraid to ask

questions and made us comfortable to speak up.”

- ” The instructor was very receptive to questions and has a strong grasp on the topics discussed. I

never felt that answers for my question were confusing or unsatisfying”

- ” Very effective real life examples that helped me visualize and understand the concepts.”

- ” The Professor was very kind and helpful to students and the syllabus was adhered to. The

reviews were also very helpful source materials to study.”

- ” I would recommend Professor Biju. Firstly she is incredibly sweet, patient, and understanding,

and she presents and lectures the material in a way that is easy to understand.”


- ” Very helpful and easygoing. If you were having any trouble understanding a certain topic, the

instructor would break it down for anyone struggling.”

- ” Yes, she genuinely cares and will put in work to help you succeed. Her class isn’t a chore for her, it is something she is passionate about.”

- ” Yes, she is very good at teaching and understanding students.”

- ” Yes, I learned a lot and made a good grade.”

- ” She cares about her students and despite losing her father right before classes started she always

came to class on time and gave her all.”

- ” I feel like she taught me very much in this course.”

- ” she is an amazing instructor who cares about her students due to her background. She always

helps out everyone no matter what it is.”

- ” She was an amazing and understanding professor. I would definitely recommend her to other

students for this course.”


- ” Yes!! Amazing professor who engages students’ interest throughout the lecture. She is

understanding and lenient if you need help!!”

- ” she is a very nice and thoughtful person. Actually cares about her students’ success in the


- ” She’s an amazing professor! I would take any course she teaches.”

○ Principles of Macroeconomics, Summer 2022

N=36, In-person, Teaching effectiveness=4.38 (Dept. mean=4.37)

- ” The professor really tried to make sure everyone in the class understood the topics. She also

provides a lot of opportunities for students to get help and fully understand the material.”

- ” I enjoyed how thorough Professor Biju is, it is very apparent that she wants her students to

know the inner workings of Economics. This in turn helped me understand the content and make

connections across the various topics discussed in this class.”

- ” Yes! Professor Nabila was very passionate with the subject and used real life examples of the

materials. She did an outstanding job at making the material easy to understand and was able to

go at a pace that was easy to follow even though the course was condensed in 4 weeks.”

- ” Yes. Students will learn so much that will change their outlook on society. Students may also

look at the subject of economics in a different, more practical way.”

- ” Professor explained concepts perfectly. Every time I had questions or misunderstandings, the

professor would clear them up perfectly to make sure we were on the same page.”

- ” Yes, because her caring nature shines in her teaching style and she is willing to work at a

student’s pace to ensure they understand the material.”

- ” she wants her students to succeed. She makes sure that there is a clear understanding for every

problem she reviews.”

- ” Yes, I think Professor Biju is great at explaining the topics discussed in class and is very adamant

of building rapport with her students. I would say this a quality I don’t see enough in my courses”

- ” I wish I could have this professor again for another course. I really enjoyed her teaching”

- ” Yes, because she clarifies any misunderstandings, takes time to answer questions inside and

outside the classroom, and seems to enjoy teaching this subject.”

- ” I would definitely take a class of this professor again she genuinely cares about her students!”

- ” Yes, the professor truly wants to help students understand economics and wants to help them

with what they want to pursue in the future.”

- ” I very much enjoyed your class and it made me more interested in economics, Thank you.”

- ” Overall, this professor is a very good professor. I enjoyed taking this class in the summer and

learning about macroeconomics.”

- ” The instructor did a great job, nothing I would add! ”